Hotel Prometheus

Hotel Prometheus is located in city Tskaltubo, near central park. Hotel is 250 meter away from mineral waters and 3 km from “Prometheus cave”. If there is some real and fantastic spring of immortality-then it is in Tskaltubo,coming from the heart of the earth. People have known about those magic springs and they also composed a beautiful legend about it. The resort’s fame has been won by its unique mineral water well-known in Georgia since ancient times. Tskaltubo’s mineral water has rather stable physico-chemical properties. It belong to the class of week radon,chloride-hydrocarbonated-sulphate,sodium-magnesium-calcium waters. The high efficiency of health-restoring and prophylactic action of the mineral water is accounted for by their extremely complex composition in general and by the peculiar combination of major ingredients of their saline compositionin particular. Natural temperature of the water(33-35 C) makes it use possible without pre-heating. The waters of Tskaltubo can cure the following diseases: cardiovascular, locomotor system, gynecologic disorders, skin and endocrine diseases, the disorder of substance change and others. The Bath-house #6 of JSC “BalneoService” is the largest and most up-to-date from all. It’s built on the spring. There are 3 pools and so individual bath-rooms in it. Mineral water are flowing in and out the bath-room constantly during the procedure, by it the water keep it’s physical and chemical structures and temperature.

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