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Certified medical centers

Only certified hospitals and clinics by their governments and have license for international practice are welcome in our platform.

Currently on treatment

You can read and meet online patients who already experienced the treatment in a recommended clinic and get their impression.

Treatment within your budget

You can freely choose the treatment more suitable to your budget comparing to all the other treatments in different countries.

An appointment right away

To book your appointment is very easy, you can select the most suitable time on the free slots and pay just a deposit for it for confirming your reservation. You will get immediately the invoice and the confirmation of your appointment.

Touristic services

For accomodation, logistic, translators, or for any other travel needs, you can select and contact one of the authorized travel operators or facilitators.

Most modern network

If you are a facilitator you can register to BookingsMed Academy, you will get access to tranings, B2B, workshops and Fam Trips Programs Worldwide

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